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Cool Stuff: Sonya “PlayerPiano” Belousova’s Impromptu Video Game Theme Arrangements

It takes a lot of skill to play the piano — but it takes even greater talent to come up with complicated piano arrangements for well-known songs on the spot. Sonya Belousova, a classical pianist and recipient of the Russian Ministry of Culture Award, is such a prodigy and thanks to Kotaku, I am now…

Cool Clip: “Man of Steel” Teaser Trailer #3

With his version, Richard Donner made the world believe a man could fly. Although I’ve only seen 3 minutes of his interpretation, I firmly believe that Zack Snyder will convince the world… that his Superman is the one that can save us all.

Cool Clip: Patton Oswalt’s Unedited Star Wars Filibuster for “Parks and Recreation”

Actor, comedian and self-professed comic geek Patton Oswalt guest stars on Parks and Recreation this week as a concerned citizen that holds up a Pawnee City Council vote by enacting an old law that allows citizens to filibuster city council meetings. The producers told him to improvise his speech and for eight glorious minutes, he…

Cool Clip: Grand Theft Auto V Teasers

Grand Theft Auto V is set to hit stores on September 17th. And I say September can’t come fast enough.

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