Cool Stuff: Spider-Man/Avengers Feature Film Mash-up

Good news, true believers! Marvel has come to terms with Sony Pictures and can now use the Spider-Man character in future Marvel Studio projects.

This means that eventually, if Asgard wills it, Spider-Man will be suiting up and fighting alongside Iron Man, Captain America and possibly the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Can you say Cosmic Spider-Man saga? I can!) Sources say that Spider-Man will play a pivotal role in “Captain America: Civil War,” a sub-title which takes its name from the popular multi-title comic event from 2006 that pitted Captain America and Iron Man against each other in a battle for the rights of superheroes across the nation.

Until then, the great folks at Screen Crush have created a nice mash-up of what a Spider-Man/Avengers team-up would look like using footage from “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchises. And, quite simply, it is a heaping slice of geek heaven.


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