Cool Stuff: Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Podcast Featuring WWE CEO Vince McMahon

(Author’s note: I may be a bit late on this one, but better late then never.)

They cursed each other, mauled each other in and outside of the ring, and one of them even demolished the other with a bed pan and a defibrillator in a hospital.

But if someone would have told me that former WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin would interview WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon about the ins and outs of sports entertainment, I would have been hard pressed believe it.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened on an exclusive post pay-per-view broadcast of The Steve Austin Show podcast in December. For over an hour, McMahon and Austin talked candidly about the business, including the behind the scenes issues that arose between the two of them, the recent departure of C.M. Punk, and their historic feud during the company’s Attitude Era of programming.

Despite being a WWE alumnus and having a live simulcast on the new WWE Network, Austin did not pull any punches with his line of questioning — nor did McMahon shirk away from answering most of the sensitive inquiries. It is a really entertaining hour of viewing and really showcases Austin’s emerging talent as an interviewer and host.

Check out the video below:

To hear more uncensored and unabashed podcasts from the Texas Rattlesnake, check out Austin’s webpage for The Steve Austin Show. And if you are a wrestling fan and haven’t subscribed to the WWE Network as of yet, click here.

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